A Builder to copy or link files.

class, parameters=None, outfilepath=None, **kwargs)

A builder to copy or build a file.


Run the build.


If True, run the build until it has completed If False, start the build in the background.


The current status of the build.


  • This function will run the sub-builders.

  • Each builder is atomic

  • When running a build, not all of the builders might be called in the first build–for example, subsequent builders may rely on the results of previous builds. For this reason, builders should be used in conjunction with an environment to make sure a set of builds are completed or the build complete=True should be used.

property status

The status of the builder.

The builder can have the following states:
  • ‘ready’: The builder is active and the parameters have been set

  • ‘inactive’: The builder isn’t active–see the active property

  • ‘missing (parameters)’: All the required parameters have not been specified or files for paths in the parameters do not exist

  • ‘missing (outfilepath)’: The outfilepath was not created

  • ‘cancelled’ : The build was cancelled.

  • ‘building’: The builder is building

  • ‘done’: The builder is done building