Follow the installation instructions to get disseminate working.


Step 1: Setup a project

A disseminate project is a collection of documents that come together to render into textbooks, books, articles or essays.

The simplest project consists of a single document, typically in its own directory.

  $ mkdir MyBook
  $ cd MyBook
  $ mkdir src

Step 2: Create a first document

In your favorite text editor, edit a first document (src/main.dm).

title: My first document
author: John A. Doe
targets: html
@chapter{This is my first chapter}

I am @i{here} to show you how this works.

Step 3: Build the document

Use disseminate to build the document.

  $ dm build
  Build: done
  $ find . -type f

Step 4: View the document

Use the disseminate previewer to view the document website.

  $ dm preview
  [2020-11-05 12:44:48 -0600] [56581] [INFO] Goin' Fast @
  [2020-11-05 12:44:48 -0600] [56581] [INFO] Starting worker [56581]

Use a web browser to visit the webserver on your computer at This will present the document index for your project.

../_images/Disseminate Document Listing.svg

Clicking on the html link will show the html rendered version of your document.

../_images/My first document.svg