disseminate.document.receivers.delete_document(document, **kwargs)

Reset the context and managers for a document on document deletion.

disseminate.document.receivers.load_document(document, **kwargs)

Load the document text file into the document context.

disseminate.document.receivers.process_document_label(context, **kwargs)

A context processor to set the document label in the label manager.

disseminate.document.receivers.process_headers(context, **kwargs)

Process header strings for entries in a context by loading them into the context.

Context information comes from the following sources:

  1. The document itself and its header file

  2. Additional headers from the template

The information in (1) takes precedence over (2). For this reason, (1) should be loaded after (2), but (2) is specified by some entries, like renderers, template, targets, in (1), so (1) is pre-loaded before (2).

disseminate.document.receivers.process_tags(context, **kwargs)

Convert context entries into tags for entries listed the process_context_tags’ context entry.

This function converts tags for context entries identified by keys listed in the ‘process_context_tags’ context entry


This function is designed to work with string macro entries. These are identified by context entries with keys that start with the settings.tag_prefix (e.g. @test’). These should not be converted into asts, as they are required for simple string replacement.

disseminate.document.receivers.reset_document(document, **kwargs)

Reset the context and managers for a document on load.